8. juni 2017

Hey babes

I was sitting and thinking a little bit. I think it’s so attractive when a man knows what he wants. Am I right girls? You know when a guy wanna fight for you and make you his girl. The reason why these thoughts came to my mind was because I’ve seen debates about men and women and equal rights.

We all know that women don’t have to stay home and wash the dishes and take care of the children anymore. We have the right to get a job and make our own lives and choose the man we wanna live with. I think it’s so attractive when I man knows and do what he can to get the women that he wants. Somehow a man likes to fight for you and  not just to get you in a easy way. This different kind of roles between women and men has existed since forever I think. You know the thing we call instincts.

I love feeling feminin and wearing bodycon dresses and  I would lie if I said I didn’t want a gentleman. I want a guy to treat me as a princess. You know, open the door for me, pull out the chair and ask me out on a date. Women are so much more  independent today than they were many years ago and I think that’s awesome. We have the right to get paid as much as men and we don’t have less rights than them.

I’m not gonna be too hard to get but I want a man to fight for me. Am I the only one? 😀

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