3. juni 2017

Hey babes

It has been an amazing day today! I still can’t believe that I am actually done with danish forever! I can’t wait for my summer vacation and I think it’s gonna be awesome. The reason why it has been a wonderful day is because I’ve spend my time with a person that means so much to me and the weather is great. I haven’t been doing anything special today. Just sitting and talking about all or nothing with this person that I maybe gonna introduce you to.

This weekend is just about relaxing and soon I have an exam in chemestry and religion. So you better wish me good luck! I have some new posts for the blog which I hope you will like and I’m so sorry for not being active but I spend so much time on studying for my next exams. I hope you understand!

If you can’t wait for my next blog post you can visit my instagram where I post everyday: @chanettebing

See ya in my next blog post! 😀

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