Hey babes

So.. the reason why I’m bringing up this subject today is because I think it’s something important to discuss. I think many people don’t like to confront each other or talk about the problems and then just ignore the other person. I know that conflicts can be scary and nobody likes to fight but in a relationship or friendship you need to. It also shows that even though you have this strong relationship and you’ve known each other for a long time, you still have boundaries.

It also shows how strong your friendship is and it is also some kind of a test. I think it’s important that you can tell your friend if they have disappointed you or made you sad without ignoring you or distance from you afterwards. If you can’t talk about problems or can’t put one’s foot down then how real is your friendship or relationship? I mean.. you need to realise that you can’t make each other happy all the time and there will be conflicts, which will make your bond even stronger when you get through them.

For a long time ago, it was also very difficult for me to realise that I make mistakes and that I need to apologize to my friends when I hurt them but it actually makes me feel better about myself. It makes me a true and a good friend and shows that I’m not selfish and that I can admit if I do something wrong. I think you need to be an adult in your behaviour when you do bad things and it also tells a lot about how you are as a person.

I think taking responsibility is a problem many people have.

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