Hey babes

And I know what you’re all thinking “is she single again? That went fast” and I know. It didn’t last that long this time and the time before but I guess I’m just a step closer to, what I think is right for me and what I’m looking for. It’s nice to have someone you can spend your time with and also if you feel the guy has the qualities you are looking but.. but it’s not the right thing for you if his personality doesn’t suits your personality.

Soon I’m moving out and have to live on my own, so for now I just think I’m gonna hang out with my friends, thinking about the next change in my life and just being me. I want to focus on my blog and focus on getting success with it. If I meet a guy that’s great but until that, I just want to focus on me and do what I love. It’s okay to be by yourself and just being you. You don’t need to have a guy in your life to feel happy and I think I need to tell myself that everyday.

I’m not scared for love. Maybe it’s just not the right time for me.

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