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You know I’m a huge fan of Miley Cyrus. I’m actually a Smiler. I’ve seen people trying to compare these two many times and I have to say.. you can’t! Miley has always had a powerful country voice which is amazing and she has reach a point where she can hit almost every single note.

I just have to say that Selena isn’t at the same point that Miley is. She has become better at singing and her music is also better but she can’t hit every single note. Her voice is weaker than Miley’s voice and you can’t compare these to womens. Selena is very VERY beautiful and a nice person, who has an amazing personality. So.. in that way you can compare them but not in their singing skills. That’s just my opinion.

I admit Selena has made few songs I really like and I can see myself in many of her lyrics but I still don’t think her singing skills is just as good as Miley’s. You can discuss their music style but I think their music style match their personalities. It’s not because I want to be mean but I just think if you look at them in a rationally way, you would agree with me… Or not. Maybe you hate me because of this.

I know some of you might hate Miley and think she is a slut or gross because of the things she has done in the past couple of years. That’s not what I’m talking about in this post. I’m not comparing their behaviour’s but how great they both are at singing.

What do you think? Do you think Miley is better than Selena at singing and why? If not then also tell me why.

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