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Hey babes

So.. This is a weird topic and I actually don’t know what I think of it 100 %, but here we go. There are some people out there, who likes to have a sugardaddy or sugarbabe. You know, they spend time together, but the sugardaddy is paying with gifts, money, travels and so on for a girl or a guy’s company. Mostly, the company is about having sex, but not always. I think.

In some way I think it’s gross but who am I to judge? If you feel fine about hanging out with a man, who is so much older than you and love to get spoiled with travels, money and so on, I think you should do it. Though I also think, that you have to think about: do you want to spend more time with this person and maybe be in a relationship with this guy? If your answer is no and you just want to hang out with different men and enjoy all the things, they are spending on you.. In my opinion it sounds like you’re selling yourself and you are so much more worth than that.

I know some famous people are doing it too. Just without the sex and it is their, it gets a little complicated to me. Cuz, are you selling yourself or not? In some way I can see the advantage. You get to sit with a older man, who just want to spend his time with you and in the end you either get a lot of money, a materialistic thing or whatever. I think it’s cool somehow but I wouldn’t do it.

The thoughts about sitting with a man, who is so much older than me is not attractive to me at all. This is just my opinion and if you think there is nothing wrong about doing it, then you should just keep going.

What’s your opinion?

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