Hey babes

Soon I’m moving out after I’ve been living with my father and his girlfriend for a couple of months. I really need to live by myself and do things on my own. I think it’s because I’m 21 and it’s time for me to be independent but also because I’ve already tried it. Before, I lived with my boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) and I loved being on my own and could do whatever I want whenever I wanted.

I can’t explain how excited I am. I’m like a little child waiting for candy. A few weeks ago I was very sad, cuz I was frustrated about the furniture and the space. The apartment is small but the size is suitable for me, cuz I’m very tiny and besides that I’m also just me. After this time I’m not gonna move home to my dad again and I almost feel like an adult. Say what?

So.. it’s gonna be great and maybe I will take some pictures and show my apartment to you.

I’m moving out in one and a half month! Yay 😀

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