Hey babes

So today is a rainy and grey day and I thought of a topic I have never discussed on the blog before. I have some old friends who is a little bit younger or older than me and they already have a kid or are thinking about it and me? I’m not even there yet. I’m thinking about fashion, generally my dreams and my blog and you know.. many other things than getting children.

I’m happy for them who is at my age and already are having children and I love to see how well they are doing as a mom. You’re doing such an amazing job!

If you’re asking me if I want children I can’t answer cuz I don’t know it yet. I feel there is so many things I want to experience and I also want an education before I even start to think about it. If I meet the right guy I will say maybe and if I don’t meet the right guy then no. Maybe I also meet the right guy and don’t want to have children. You’ll never know.

I know many already knew the answer when they were younger/children but my answer was no, when I was a kid.. and now? I don’t know. Somehow I’ve change my mind from no to don’t know.

I like kids and somehow I always become a favorite when they are around me but I don’t know. I’m only 21 and I think I have a lot of time. I don’t have to decide it right now just because many at my age are having children. One step at a time and I’m definitely not ready yet.

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