Hey babes

Okay so.. I know it’s important to get an education and I’m also taking a HF in VUC but somehow, school has just never been my thing and it still isn’t. It’s not that I mind doing homework or that kinda stuff, cuz that’s actually okay.. Or sometimes it’s actually pretty annoying but I don’t mind doing them. Cuz I love writing a essay or something but it’s the grades and the classes that bores me. I’m actually bored.

I just think that it’s because I’m a creative soul, who loves to express me that way and I also love to write. That’s also why blogging is the perfect thing for me. I can make it look like I want, use the pictures I want and write in my own style and show you, who I am somehow behind the screen.

I’ve actually got to a point, where I’m addicted to my blog. Not in a negative way though. Let me tell u it this way.

I’m addicted to find out what my next post should be about and how I can give u something, that is usefully or show u something about me. I’m addicted to take some cool and pretty pictures, cuz I’ve realized that I’m actually pretty good at it and then in the end share the results with u my followers. It gives me an amazing feeling! I also love the feeling, that because of my hard working and the things I give from me to u, can give me the opportunity to earn money for what I’ve done. You know: my work! Nobody else’s work! That’s unbelievable. I’m addicted to share my personality with u guys and show u who I am.

I know an education is important but I don’t think I have to like or love it because of that and it doesn’t have to be my thing because of that.

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