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I’ve tried this many times and it’s something you have to deal with if you decide to have a blog. There will always be haters no matter what and it’s kind of a good thing. You know why? That means you’re not like everybody else and you have something unique. Cuz, it would be SO boring if everybody liked what you’ve written. When you’re having a blog, you need to stand out and that also means you will get hate.

Let me give you an example. I’ve tried people hating on me because I love Miley Cyrus or because I had another opinion or because some people doesn’t like my style. That just mean I have something that people want to read about but I’m still standing out and showing my personality and being me. When people tries to find your tiny mistakes that means your on your right way. Keep believing in yourself! Love your haters, they’re your biggest fans.

It’s not only bloggers, who are affected by haters but you know what I mean. Do what you love and stay true to what you believe are right or wrong. Then you will get real followers with no doubt.

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