17. marts 2017


Hey babes

We all know about clickbait. Many news on facebook, youtubers, bloggers and so on are using it. If you don’t know what clickbait is, it is where you write a headline about something totally different than the article, video or post is about. I think I’m not the only one, who think it is pretty annoying and 8.. no let’s say 9 out of 10 times the headline doesn’t match the content of the video or blog post.

Okay.. I know I’m not an angel. I’ve actually made a few headlines, so that my post sounded more interesting, but I wasn’t lying. Cuz somehow my post was about the headline. I’m not good at making up a headline, where my post doesn’t match the content. It’s just not my style.

And you know what? Maybe not soon.. but maybe in  a couple of months it’s not cool to make clickbait anymore. That actually sounds very nice and honest! Let’s not forget about that. I mean.. why not make a headline, that match with the content of what you are telling about your life in your blog post? No matter how less boring it is. It is something that has happened to you and that just shows, that you’re honest with your followers.

I think people would get more respect, if they actually saw a headline,  match with the content of the article, video, blog post or something else. We’ve got to a point, where youtubers are starting to write “No clickbait”, when they are telling something about themselves, that is true, or else people will think, that it’s just clickbaiting. You see where this is going?

What is your opinion about clickbaiting? Do you think it’s gonna be so yesterday soon or?

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